Le Rythme 2021 - The Artistic Identity of Eurhythmics

This year’s edition of Le Rythme discusses the artistic identity of eurhythmics, a question that naturally arises during the course of our studies and professional activities. With the two basic components of music and dance movement, eurhythmics already has inherent artistic and aesthetic potential. But how does it unfold in the encounter between the two media of expression? Do Eurhythmics Practitioners see themselves as artistic educators? What artistic products does eurhythmics generate? Does the history of eurhythmics give us any answers?

14 authors from Mexico, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Germany and Switzerland address these and other relevant questions. Their work is based on many years of personal experience as a teacher, as a performer, and as a creator of stage plays. They include other art forms and digital media in their considerations and enter the field of arts-based research. The result is a multifaceted and exciting response to the topic, corresponding to the diversity in which eurhythmics is practised and taught. The first chapter describes the interplay of eurhythmics and its protagonists with the stage arts. The following two chapters deal with eurhythmics as performing art and eurhythmics as an artistic pedagogy.

The diversity within the subject of eurhythmics is also evident in the short presentations of artistic productions submitted by eurhythmics students, graduates, and colleagues involved in eurhythmics training at universities. We are pleased to be able to present a very wide range of artistic works: Plastique Animée, dance theatre, collaboration with artists from other fields, video work, interactive concert with children, performance with people with physical limitations, staged music, group and solo choreographies with and without live music––the formats of artistic expression are not only different, they are also in tune with the times. What they all have in common is the musical and kinesthetic processing and transformation of time-based works into their very own forms of artistic expression.

The richness of knowledge and experience of the authors shared in these articles offers unlimited possibilities to engage in reflection that catalyses inspiration for one ́s own practice. We hope readers will experience stimulation, confirmation, encouragement, and ask themselves never before contemplated questions. As always, highlighting the profound process that eurythmics offers both teacher and students, is part of FIER ́s aim in producing Le Rythme.

As in the last edition, all articles are in English. In addition, the abstracts are translated into French. Photos, links or QR codes that lead to videos and photo series are attached to the brief descriptions of the artistic productions.

Le Rythme - The Artistic Identity of Eurhythmics (Read the issue)

Eurhythmics on Stage – Influences and Impacts
Andrew Davidson
Identifying Eurhythmics in Actor Training The viewpoints of time & space

Dierk Zaiser
Artistic Collaborations in Staging of Eurhythmics
Current questions, approaches and perspectives from a historic and social cultural point of view

Eurhythmics as Performing Art
Anetta Pasternak
Plastique Animée in the Works of the Theatre of Rhythm Katalog

Hanne Pilgrim, Adrián Artacho
Reframing Space in Networked Practice – a Chat from the Sewing Box

Vasiliki Psyrra
Pnoe, the Performing Body in a Synthesis of Music and Movement

Zita Bucher, Barbara Dutkiewicz, Martina Jordan, Alexander Riedmüller, Verena Zeiner
There will Never be Just One Answer On diversity of artistry in eurhythmics

Dorothea Weise
Rhythm and Artistic Production

Eurhythmics as Artistic Pedagogy
C. Fabian Bautz
In Eurythmics, Art and Pedagogy Merge

Carola Dünßer
Presence, Creativity, Self-Efficacy – Eurhythmics as Artistic Process

Alexander Riedmüller
Be Open and Improvise!
Drawing parallels between qualitative research methodologies and practice as a rhythmician

Elda Nelly Treviño Flores
Artistry, the Cornerstone of Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Artistic Production
Olga Daroch

Marion Olfing, Nils Fischer
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
“Bei Müllers” Graduation Project – Bachelor of Arts in Music and Movement 2020

Barbara Dutkiewicz
The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice:
"Tales of Mother Goose" Performance of musical fairy tales for children based on the music by Maurice Ravel
"Choreographies of Music for Selected Children’s Songs" by Chick Corea
“Knife Apple Sheer Brush” A eurhythmics video-project

Magdalena Eidenhammer
Connected Solitude

Anna Petzer
the foreign.body
Topographies of Falling

Dorothea Weise
University of the Arts Berlin
"Moving Messiaen"
Lecture Performance

"Rational Melodies"
Performance Project

Julia Schulenburg
An artistic way to perform music for the hard of hearing and deaf people

Merle Thordis, Tim Pohr
La Lune – Le Soleil
An audiovisual experience

Sophia Waldvogel
A kaleidoscopic research on time at the intersection of music, movement and language

Ensemble Yria
Flytande form
In Fluid Form

Dierk Zaiser
State University of Trossingen/Germany
"Hommage à R. Sch."
"The Soldier ́s Tale - Strawinsky Goes Rap"